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BATIMAT is the essential meeting place for the

by:Sycda     2020-09-09

As well as its professional role, BATIMAT is also the place where the entire profession gets together in a pleasant atmosphere.

BATIMAT 2011 will serve as one of the shop windows for these developments by featuring innovations and model projects by architects and hosting conferences and events. It will enable professionals to find out about the products that will take centre stage tomorrow.

BATIMAT will also speed up progress. For example, another major theme of the 2011 show will be accessibility for persons with restricted mobility. On 1st January 2015, existing buildings that are open to the public and residential buildings will have to comply with the requirements of the new law on accessibility. BATIMAT will feature this theme through conferences, demonstration areas and round tables.

The 2011 show will be right at the heart of developments in the energy efficiency of buildings.

One of the objectives of the Grenelle de l'Environnement (the French environment initiative) is to spread the concept of the 'Low Consumption Building' from 2012 onwards through the adoption of a new set of thermal regulations, the 'RT2012', which will replace the current 2005 thermal regulations.

These new regulations will come into force in the second half of 2011, will result in a major development in technical and architectural approaches on buildings. This development will bring an increase of innovative products and an increasing demand for training from professionals.

Editions des Halles presents a modular wood-home prototype. Located at the center of this 6-day event, this is the opportunity to follow-up on the wood industry's desire to answer the environmental preoccupations of construction.

With the support of France Bois Foret (French Wood Promotion Fund)

The aim of the Zero Carbon Habitat is to prove that, today, one can build and live all while drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

In these times of urban densification and the desire to optimize real-estate resources, the Zero Carbon Habitat delivers simultaneously an economical and environmental answer, two dimensions that are often hard to conciliate.

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