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Before you throw that Xerox toner in the trash

by:Sycda     2020-09-18

As you may have known, Xerox is a company that deals with photocopying machines and supplies. They have been serving millions of customers all around the planet since 1906 and since then, managed to create a company with a whopping 140,000 employees.

But despite their success, the need for proper management of their supplies remains. This is why they came up with a program that helps their customers to properly recycle their toners. They call this the Xerox Green World Alliance. It has been established 20 years ago and it has managed to process as much as 145 million pounds of waste ever since.

You can join them by recycling your Xerox toner. Here's how.

To start the recycling process, you should first remove the toner from your Xerox printer. Quickly replace this with a new one and use the new packaging materials on your empty toner. You need to wrap the toner before you put it in the box to protect the toner from transit damage. You can use plastic wrap or the plastic of the new toner.

Once you have successfully wrapped the empty toner, you need to put it inside the box. Be sure to check the box for a prepaid shipping label before you pack it. This is a sticker which you can use to secure the box. Remove it and secure your empty toner with all the packaging materials available.

Now that your old Xerox toner is ready, it is time to visit Xerox's website. Visit You will be asked to select your country. Select one and click continue. You will now be asked to choose your product. Select your toner cartridge and type in your name, address and company. Click 'continue' and you will be given a prepaid shipping label. You can print this on ordinary bond paper or on sticker paper. If you printed it on bond paper, you can use tape to attach it as you seal the box. If you used sticker paper, you can just seal it.

Go to a UPS shipping center near you so you can drop your package. You can also call UPS to pick up your goods. You may want to call them if you are shipping a lot of empty toners.

Caring for the environment is not that hard if we take small and simple steps like recycling our toners. While recycling an empty toner may seem like a small and easy task, it is a task that can have a massive impact if exercised regularly. Minimize our toxic wastes. Recycle your toners right now.

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