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Believe it or not, labels actually do play an

by:Sycda     2020-09-22

You can very well understand now that labels are not something that should be taken for granted. So if you do wish to understand the different kinds of labels in use out there and the various applications they are best suited to, this article will help you out. Trust me, whether you are a customer or a manufacturer, this knowledge will definitely be useful for you. Let's get started now, shall we?

Branded product labels

This refers to the more well known varieties of labels that most people recognize. In fact the design, pattern and style of these labels is such that they have become an instant reminder of the company and its offerings. They become the style statement of that particular company. You will always find certain aspects of these labels to be static - maybe the color or the company logo or a particular graphic style. These aspects have now become the identity of that particular brand and as such companies go about changing them very carefully and mostly not at all.

Eco friendly labels

These product labels are generally the ones that you will find on household products and FMCGs. These labels are more geared towards imparting valuable product information and data that will be useful for the consumer to understand what they are buying. Given the high rates of consumption of these articles, it is mandatory in most countries that the material used to manufacture these labels is biodegradable and as such eco-friendly.

Removable and non-removable labels

These distinctions are mostly based on the type of adhesive used to affix the label on the product packaging. The non-removable ones are naturally hardy, and resistant to cold and water, like a beer bottle label for example. The removable ones are those that come off easily and do not leave a mark behind on the surface they were affixed upon. Labels that are applied on clothing and apparels are good examples of this variety.

Laser labels

These are an advanced form of labeling option and are not usually used in everyday packaging. The material used to manufacture these are highly resistant to heat and are marked with an increased level of accuracy using lasers as the manufacturing technology.

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