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Best Ways To Save Money

by:Sycda     2020-09-04

Roll Your Change.

Well i save and roll all my change at the end of the day and always look on the ground at stores i have found some money that way as well.

Best Ways To Raise Kids

Get Down And Dirty.

Let your children explore and get dirty. They have to find out for themselves that mud is cool and messy.

Best Ways To Maintain Relationships

Date Night.

We try to have a date night based on movies. My girlfriend and myself love to watch movies on Wednesdays to recover from tough weeks.

Best Ways To Travel

Drive Your Own Car.

Your own car is the best way to travel if you can do it. If your car is not up to snuff considering renting one. When you are the driver, you are in control. You can make stops when you need too and you don't have to wait. If you are with a family or group of people this is important. You can also, listen to what you want to on the radio and be more at ease.

Best Ways To Save The Planet

Collect Cans.

What I do to help or save the planet is that I collect aluminum cans, so that they can later be recycled. When I have about five to six bags collected I take them to a recycling center.

Best Ways To Advance Your Career

Don't Get Too Comfortable.

I've found that any time I start feeling too comfortable at my work there is a problem. Learning is often unpleasant or at least difficult. When my job has become easy and I'm relaxed doing it I try to find ways to try something new, take on more challenge.

Best Ways To Cook

Peel me a garlic.

There's one secret I've stumbled on to that a lot of people don't seem to know. There's a unique method of preparing/chopping garlic that makes it significantly easier to remove the skin. Take a large, wide chef knife and crush the clove of garlic on a cutting board, then the skin will come right off and you can continue chopping the clove.

Best Ways To Clean

Turning old books to new.

My friend and I know a famous author and often give autographed books as gifts. Because many are out of print, this means we are in the position of giving used books. How to make them spanking clean? Any book jacket or cover with a bit of a sheen will clean up easily be gently rubbing with Soft Scrub bathroom cleaner -- be gentle, work in a circle, and do not saturate the paper. Then wipe the whole surface in large strokes to a bright new shine. If the book has an odor, load the inside with baking soda, leave it overnight, then shake it out thoroughly.

Best Ways To Maintain Your Health

Visit your doctor.

I visit my doctor regularly, I watch what I eat and check my blood sugars often as I am a diabetic. I try to get out and walk several times a week and take the stairs when I can. I have given up soda and watch my fat intake.

Best Ways To Get An Education

Do Your Work Fast.

One thing I learned in grade school is that the faster you do your work, the more free time you'll have to draw or read while everyone else is still working. However, some teachers purposefully jump on people that finish early and make them do extra work, which isn't fair, so sometimes you have to fake being slow. Sad but true!

Best Ways To Experience The Divine

Do What Is Right For You.

I don't have a religion, but I do believe in a higher power. The way I connect with this higher power is i try to be happy and do what is right for me. I know there has to be purpose to life, otherwise we won't be here, that's comforting for me to know that I'm not purposeless.

Best Ways To Accept Mortality


As I get older (in my 50's), I find that I'm not as glib as I used to be about death. It's true that I picture it as a release of energy that will free me up from the limitations of my personality. But I have to really keep that in mind as I watch friends and reltives age and die. I have to keep balancing my sense of impending freedom with the sense of loss I feel when I realize we won't all be together in the physical realm for much longer.

Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Stay At Home And Cook.

With the recent down-turn in the economy our celebrations have been changed. We used to buy a lot of gifts and travel during the holidays. We now stay at home and cook special foods. The gift giving has been limited as no one has the money to do that anymore. It's just as fun, and we have more to give now and that is love and memories.

Best Ways To Be Romantic

Declare A Secret Place.

My partner and I are both very busy professional people leading somewhat beleaguered lives. For family reasons, we are not yet able to live together. I call her garage our secret place -- we arrive home, no one knows we are in there, the phones don't ring there ... I began joking about hanging Mistletoe in there for the holidays. On line I found real Mistletoe dipped in gold and I bought a piece. We hung it from a magnetic hook attached to the door opener above the car. Now when we pull in she leaves the moon roof open, we look up and rejoice at being under the Mistletoe -- and we kiss, of course, then sigh with contentment in the secret place.

Best Ways To Be Creative

Create Your Own Versions Of Advertised Products.

I am a homeschool dad and creativity is very important to me. Often when we see an advertisement or item in the store, instead of purchasing the item we think of a way to create one at home. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it is always a fun experience.

Best Ways To Be Beautiful

Work out weekly.

Working out for about an hour a few times a week really makes me feel good. When I feel strong and capable, it makes me feel more confident and sexy.

Best Ways To Raise Pets

Open wide.

If you press on both sides of a cats mouth, their mouth pops open from reflex. Press at the base of the jaw for best effect. This is very useful in case your cat is eating something dangerous/something it shouldn't be eating.

Best Ways To Grow Plants

Know its likes.

I think perhaps the most important thing to know about growing indoor plants successfully is to find out what a particular plant likes. Read up on the plant on the web - does it like dry or moist soil; does it like full sun or shade; does it go dormant in winter, so you will know it's done that and not keeled over permanently? Many a cactus or succulent has rotted from too much water, and many an African violet has fried from being put in the blazing sun in a window.

Best Ways To Be Happy

Helping Others Makes Me Happy.

One thing i find happiness in is helping others. It makes me feel good about myself when I am able to help improve the life of someone even if it's in the tiniest of ways. Life is hectic, but everyone wants someone to turn to when things get tough.

Best Ways To Cope With Family

Alternate holidays.

My in-laws and my parents don't get along, so it makes things difficult when it comes to the holidays. Because of how far we have to drive, we can't go both places on Christmas, so we visit one of them on Christmas ever instead. We alternate each year, and everybody is fairly happy!

Best Ways To Coach A Team

Football: Teach Tackling.

I played football for most of my childhood. My favorite moment was when one player was afraid to tackle another, and the coach put him up against me. He told me to teach the kid how to tackle, and sent me at him. I demolished the other player and it felt great.

Best Ways To Master Computers

Use AutoHotKey.

There's a trick I learned when coding HTML: scripts. When working with HTML, it can take time to type out

or , especially if your company is too cheap to have an HTML editor. Fortunately, there are programs that let you create keyboard shortcuts that type these tags for you. One of these is AutoHotKey, and it's the one I prefer.

Best Life Lessons

Food For The Hungry.

I was at a fast food restaurant a man told me he was hungry. I told him I would'nt give him money but would buy him a meal. I gave him the receipt and he just walked out like he was disgusted and did'nt take the food. My heart was in the right place so I still felt good.

Best Ways To Have Fun

Small Child + Box = Chaos.

The most fun that can be had on this planet is derived from a combination of three elements. These are a small child, a large cardboard box and time to watch the chaos unfold.

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