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Destination weddings are a fun way to have a small

by:Sycda     2020-09-16

Smores Box

Use clear plastic boxes and drop two graham crackers in the bottom as the base layer, then add two fun sized Hershey bars. Top it off with four large marshmallows. Wrap the clear box with twine and add a tag. This favor is perfect for small weddings since you'll want to assemble it no more than a few days in advance or it won't stay fresh.

Mini Sunscreen and Chap Stick Tubes

Use sticker paper to create your own label for travel sized tubes of sunscreen. Include the colors and theme of your wedding. Do the same for the tubes of chap stick and bundle the two together using twine. This is one gift your guests are sure to get use out of on the beach!

Candle Holder

Fill a clear candleholder a few inches deep with sand and shells. Drop a tea light in the middle and wrap a sheer blue ribbon around the top of the holder with a thank you card. Your guests can take this back home with them and remember a great wedding and a great vacation for years to come.

Jar Favor

For this one you will need to do a bit of research. Look for anything the island or beach town you're visiting is known for? For instance, if you are getting married in Hawaii, you could give your guests coconut syrups to take home with them. Whatever you find, create your own label and stick it on the jar to give to your guests. For syrups, your label could say 'love is sweet' accompanied by your names and the date.

Bath Salts

Fill a small clear glass jar with tropical scented bath salts and cork the top. Wrap twine around the neck of the jar. Use a sticker label to label the jar with your names and wedding date. You can also attach a card to the twine with directions on how much salt to put in your bath to feel like you're back at the beach.

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