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Fans of 'Twilight' can bring their favorite book

by:Sycda     2020-10-05

The first step to creating a Twilight themed wedding is with the invitations. Proper etiquette dictates that you give your guests at least four to six weeks notice before the event. Whether you are a part of Team Edward or Team Jacob, you can use Twilight wedding invitation ideas as a way to get your guests excited about the big day.

Bella and Edward Sent Simple Invitations

If you have seen Breaking Dawn, you probably noticed the simple invitations given out by Bella and Edward. The cream-colored invitations featured a simple font with minimal decorations. Make your own invites mimic Twilight design by listing your information at the top of the invitation in capital letters. On the lower part of the invitation, give the date, time and location of the wedding. A small amount of glitter brightens up the invitations and mimics the sparkle of Edward's skin.

Blood Red Invitations Create that Vampire Impression

Unless you spent the last few years living under a rock, you should know that Edward from Twilight is a vampire. Blood red shades typically do not work well with wedding invitations, but using just a touch of deep red pulls your invites and theme together. Seal the envelopes with a small amount of dark red wax, which is what the characters did in Breaking Dawn. If you pass out the invitations by hand, consider wrapping the outside in a piece of dark red ribbon. You can even add your names in a red font and leave the rest of the information in traditional black.

Unusual Invitations for a Twilight Wedding

Give your guests a small gift that relates to the theme, such as a copy of one of the Twilight novels or a copy of one of the hit films. Attach a simple printed invitation to the front of the DVD, or slip the invitation in the front of the book. Consider opening the book and listing information about the wedding on the inside of the cover.

Natural Invitations Echo Twilight's Outdoor Settings

The Twilight movies spend a lot of time outside, and invitation ideas might include natural elements. Print the wedding invitations on sheets of lightweight paper and attach each invitation to a thin strip of wood or bark. Decoupage glue firmly holds the paper to the wood and preserves it as a keepsake. Make sure that the invitation is slightly smaller than the wood, which lets the natural color of the wood create a frame around the paper. Twilight fans around the world will be envious of the invitations.

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