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Filing a travel insurance claim can be a daunting

by:Sycda     2020-09-06

Be prepared and know your policy

While buying your policy, make sure all possible situations are covered. Always read your policy through the fine print. Policies could vary from one insurance provider to another by offering different coverage scenarios. Keep the helpline numbers handy for emergencies and know the basic documentation you will need to support your claim. Keep track of the insurance personnel you deal with along with his/her phone details.

Understand and follow the procedures

Follow the rules shared by your insurance company as per the policy guidelines. Keep a copy of your travel insurance policy with you at all times. The insurance claims get rejected even if there is a slight difference in your submission formalities from the policy norms. If you're uncertain about any rule or procedure, refer to the policy or contact the insurance company and get it clarified. Remember to take the name and employee number of the person who helps you. You can also ask the person to connect you with the manager if you're not confident of the response received from the representative.

Look for any time limits

Many travel insurance policies have a deadline for submission of claims. More often than not you have a month's time after you return from your holiday to file the claim. Refer to your policy about the time limit for submission of the required documents and in case of any doubt contact the insurance company immediately, though it's best to file your claim as soon as possible. Maintain copies of your claim and all receipts and documents you have submitted and await a confirmation receipt from your insurance provider.

Keep track of your claim and follow-up if required

Generally insurance companies also have a time line to resolve a claim. In most cases, the claims are handled efficiently. However in case of any concern, contact the insurance company immediately and escalate if required. Once you submit the claim form along with the required documents, you should receive the cheque on time else communication is the key. Connect with the customer service department until your claim is settled appropriately.

Document and keep records of all paper work

In case you got a doctor certificate or a police report or any other receipt - always keep a copy of the paperwork to avoid any miscommunication or in case of loss of any paper work by the insurance company. Save documents for everything while filing the claim. More the documentation, the better it is in case of an insurance claim. In case of delayed baggage, get the relevant proof from your airline company.

Always remember these travel insurance tips while filing your claim to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Do not forget that travel insurance is intended to cover any travel related exigencies and comes in various coverage varieties and policies.

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