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Label involves various information

by:Sycda     2020-10-01

Bottles are the main thing being used as a container for any product. You can find most of the eatable items or food products and medicines are available inside them. They are either made of plastic or glass. A label which is stick on them will have all the required detail about the product. Tag is very essential because it contains all the information related to product such as: Product name, brand name, logos, punch line, precautions, ingredients, date of manufacturing, expiry date, usage information, quantity, price and many more.

Nowadays customers are very conscious about every thing, they first see the tag before buying any product. Therefore all the manufacturing companies have the necessity to put sticker on each product they produce. Suppose, there are thousands of bottles that have to be labeled, then in this situation you have to decide what mode of tagging you are going to use. If you prefer manual labeling then it is going to be very tedious and time consuming process. Apart from that this will also lead to tiredness among worker.

Bottle labeler machine

The bottle labeler is the best solution in order to avoid such problem. It is a machine to stick tags on the given surface, in this process bottles are manually placed in the machine. The bottle should be placed in a conveyor girdle, and then sent by driven roller, passing a conveyor girdle. The label is distributed from the loading container. With the help of this machine tags are applied on the bottles without making any wrinkles. Since backing paper of such stickers are waste materials that need to be discarded, so they will be taken away to discard by a different reel after the entire process is finished.

Usage of machine

Tag position on the products is very important and it should be constant and accurate. A bottle labeler can easily manage all these consistencies perfectly. The automatic dispenser presented with control system and sensitive touch keyboard along with display screen that can collect various plans for tagging different kinds of product. There are different products being produced by manufacturing companies in which some require full tagging whereas others require limited. The height of label in the bottle can be altered easily; so that it can be fit the various sized and shaped of the bottles.

User friendly

There is no need to change any part of this machine in order to put up tag of different sizes and shapes. Usually, bottles are in cylindrical shape, and can be easily set up in this machine. Bottle labeler is handy, user friendly and easy to handle. Operation of this machine is very easy and anybody can operate it with little bit of training. The machine is computer controlled and has rider for it, so that it can be oiled constantly for lubrication.

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