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by:Sycda     2020-09-12

Predominantly dispensers are usually classified into three types. They are,

1. Manual label dispensers

2. Semi-automatic dispensers

3. Fully automatic dispensers

Manual Label dispensers: As the name suggests these dispensers are used for labeling products manually. The paper is typically peeled off from the label and stuck at any desirable area. A company that uses manual dispensers requires heavy manual labor in order to deal with mass production and cater the needs of the society. Manual dispensers are predominantly used by residents for labeling their properties while shifting.

Semi Automatic dispensers: This kind of dispenser is used for labeling an array of products. The back paper is not peeled manually but rather a foot switch is used to control the amount of paper being peeled while labeling products. It automatically detects a set of objects that doesn't have a label and labels them accordingly. This kind of dispenser is predominantly used in post offices for bulk mailing purposes. These machines need to be maintained properly and regularly in order to keep it in good working condition.

Fully Automatic dispensers: This is the best kind of label dispenser you could find as it has several benefits which is very resourceful for the development for your business. It is more complicated than the semi automatic or manual dispensers in terms of its configuration and design and thus quite expensive as well. However, you can cut down labor costs to significant levels, entirely automated and thus needs no human assistance for labeling, highly efficient and accurate in terms of labeling and thus reduces wastage of labels to greater extents.

As a businessman, you need to understand which of the above mentioned label dispensers are more suited for your business before making the purchase. It is very important that you understand your business requirements well enough. There are many websites providing information as well as selling these dispensers. Use them wisely.

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