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Linen textiles possibly date back as far as 36

by:Sycda     2020-09-04

Sheridan sheets for example come from flax that has been grown in Romania, France, Czechoslovakia, Belgium and Poland and in Belgium the flax fibres are manufactured into linen fibres. In order to produce the finest sheets and linen the flax plant needs to grow to full maturity, as plants that have a minimum of 500mm fibre length are only used which in turn guarantees a high quality linen fibre.

It is a truly unique experience to sleep on Sheridan sheets, as they provide the ultimate luxury and comfort, as they are made from long fibres which are specifically spun with an added twist to get a finer of 17 inches that improves the life span, pilling and lustrous hand feel and provides absorbency and thermal properties that discerning customers look for in a quality linen.

Linen has been prized throughout the ages for its beauty and timeless durability and Sheridan linen in particularly is best suited to the Australian lifestyle and climate. No what season it is, Sheridan linen will provide a good comfortable night's sleep due to its signature thermo regulating qualities. The advantages of using Sheridan linen is that it is far cooler than cotton during the summer months and is far warmer in the winter months. The linen threads strength is three times stronger than wool and twice as strong as cotton.

Sheridan linen provides a unique sleep experience in that the sheets become softer with every wash which in turn provides a calming and sensorial effect, and the matt smooth surface provides a pleasant feel. The flax plant also known as linseed is grown purely for its fibres and seeds and has been used for centuries to make dye, medicines, soap, paper and fabric especially designed for the purpose of linen such as the Sheridan range.

You can now follow the latest trend and create a unique relaxed look to your bedroom by layering your Sheridan linen. By making use of natural inspired colours and muted mid tones you will be able to create beautiful textured layers. In order to create the ultimate understated look, you should mix pieces of Sheridan linen with chunky knit throws and voile sheers. Colours such as lilac, white, alchemy and flax colours is a great way to create a layered look using Sheridan sheets.

For those Australians that live in Melbourne, you will be pleased to know that Sheridan has opened a new linen boutique store in Chadstone. The shop now showcases Sheridan's entire collection offering it's customers a unique shopping experience of world class quality linens. Sheridan Australia is committed to innovation and style and intends launching an 80's icon.

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