Pre-printed thermal paper roll

NCR is abbreviated as No Carbon Required. NCR

by:Sycda     2020-08-27

In the middle, before the invention of NCR, many people keep on finding their duplicate slips. They make different copies in order to keep the record of their sales. It is sure, that you will get tired and not do that anymore. After that, a lot of changes came in the environment and carbonless forms are created at last. The carbonless NCR are very important for the safe keeping of records of the customers and the products you are selling them. The trend of carbonless has increased to a great extent and in local market and in the accounts section of the large organizations, these NCR forms are used.

The top sheet of the carbonless forms has a pressure sensitive coating applied on the back side of it. This is basically made up of the tiny particles called color formers. These tiny capsules burst and release dyes when the pressure of the pen is exerted to the front of the top most sheet. On the bottom page, the clay based absorbent, which provides a clear effect when its exposure occurs with the color former dyes from its above sheet. At last, the middle sheets have a CF coating and a CB coating.

This process produces a great quality copy of what has been written on the top sheet onto the second one and subsequent sheets in one set. The set of NCR provides a great and quick method to generate copies without the need of any type of printing devices. This is the main reason, why they are ideal for salesmen and service people. The endless business of NCR printing is common in every organization like restaurant bills, invoices and many other pay-orders etc.

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