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Never heard of DJ/ Producer Goshva? You will.

by:Sycda     2020-09-26

Goshva started his music career working for a radio station in Kiev, Ukraine, where he became infatuated with cds, records, and electronic sounds. Whilst starting to DJ in small local clubs in Ukraine and Russia he also began working at a popular Ukrainian record label Send Records. This spurred his involvement in the Ukrainian music scene as he met people who influenced his style and introduced him to music making programs such as Ableton. Since then he has produced several tracks, including Emotion which quickly reached top ten in the Balance Record Pool Chart. His tracks have been released on multiple labels including Mashtronic Digital and Click Recordings.

Here is Sasha (editor) talk with Goshva about his touring and equipment.

S: Vinyl or CD?

G: Traktor Skratch

S: Why is that?

G: Viny and CDs are all in the past. We work with Traktor Skratch because it gives up more opportunity to play our music our way. Of course we also use midi controls for our sets.

S: I guess you could say the most universally used DJ equipment right now is the Pioneer CDJ2000. Did it take you long to get your head around how it works?

G: Myself and Sasha (Drive D) presented the CDJ2000 when it first came out in Ukraine actually. Not a bad piece of equipment!

The day before the presentation I was playing in a different city in Ukraine, so I only had half an hour to understand how it worked. Within that time I learned the ins and outs of the functions as well as the electronics of the machine. Simplicity is its beauty.

S: Although there is an international standart: Pioneer CDJ2000 and Technics 1210s some clubs have different set ups. Have you ever found yourself lost in the types of equipment a club had and didn't know how to use it properly?

G: No. That doesent happen. Wherever I play I bring along my own set up. Sometimes, however, even your own equipment has glitches.

From playing in so many clubs and on different equipment I can get myself out of most sticky situations. Unless the club has a CDJ100, in which case it can take up to half an hour to get used to the delay.

S: You tour around the world, do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to tell us from when the equipment gave up on you?

G: The standard of equipment is global, so there is always something I can use which isn't broken or problematic.

S: As well as Traktor Skratch, which other equipment do you use?

G: I really want to buy another MacBook to produce on. At the moment I've got one but that doesn't suffice when it comes to storing personal files and production software.

S: Tell us a little bit about your famous Kazantip festivals in Ukrains. How did it all begin?

G: This year is my fifth year at Kazantip. At my first Kazantip I was booked as a mere DJ but was stunned at the atmosphere of the place. Every year the festival enticed me a little bit more, at one point I played a set on the main arena with Dubfire, which was unforgettable. Right now I'm the Kazantip ambassador. A little bit of the festival comes with me everywhere I travel.

S: Is there anything special about the equipment used at Kazantip?

G: There is so much sand there, so the equipment needs a little more protection from the weather conditions. Everything; the speakers, amplifiers, CDJ2000, Technics and even my MacBook needs a cover. So that's the only extra thing we need at the festival.

S: Thanks Goshva, great speaking with you. When can we expect to see you back on our shores?

G: We're looking at flights now actually, maybe at the end of January or February. See you soon!

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