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No matter the age, hair barrettes are always in style

by:Sycda     2020-10-03

With a trip to the local craft or hobby store you can find everything needed to make a simple and elegant barrette. Depending on the person you are making the barrette for you can choose a color, or the colors that might fit them or match a certain outfit best. It is best to have a roll of ribbon in case you make a mistake or want to make a full decoration. Also, you will need plain barrettes in appropriate sizes for the person you are decorating them for, the younger the recipient the smaller they should be. Finally, if you do not already have one, pick up a hot glue gun so that your ribbon can actually stick to your barrettes.

When making your organza ribbon barrettes, it is your opportunity to get creative. You can tie your organza ribbon into a large single bow or four multi-colored smaller bows for one barrette. If it is your first barrette you might feel most comfortable creating a single bow barrette. The following steps will explain the easy way to make a single bow barrette from organza ribbon.

1. Select a pattern of ribbon that you would like your barrette made out of. Cut a long piece of ribbon about 6' if you are working with a baby barrette.

2. With the organza ribbon on a flat surface make a knot in the center. To create the remainder of the bow, tie the ribbon as though you were tying a shoe lace.

3. For the ends of the ribbon fold them in half length-wise and cut a diagonal line from the fold to the outer end of the ribbon. When you unfold the ribbon it should look like a triangle is cut from each end of the ribbon.

4. Lastly, if you are satisfied with the ribbon you have created your can dab a few drops of hot glue in the center of the plain barrette and hold the back side of the ribbon onto it. Allow sufficient time to cool before you begin using your barrette in your hair or wrap it up as a gift.

As you become more comfortable working with organza ribbon to make barrettes there are some other techniques that can be used to make a beautiful barrette.

Gathered Rosette barrette

Looped barrette

Pinwheel barrette

Braided barrettes

These other techniques can also be done with any color and style of organza ribbon. Experimenting with different styles of ribbon and charms in your barrette making can also add a personal flare into your beautiful final pieces.

Criss White is an article writer for My Baby Shower Favors. To check out some organza bags or some organza ribbon, visit My Baby Shower Favors.

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