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Labels and packaging have been available for a long time. As reported by Diana Twede, in her own paper 'The Origins of Paper Based Packaging,'the first recorded utilization of packaging was noted in 1035 when a Persian tourist in Cairo pointed out that purchased goods sold in the market would eventually be covered with paper for the customer. While people would take advantage of the most easily available materials for packaging, wines, on the contrary, would have to be distinctly held in bottles.

In earlier times, labels weren't really provided for wine bottles until adhesives which were strong enough to cling to the bottles were invented, which had been in the 1860s. After that, wine labels were essential to the favorable outcome of a bottle of wine sold in the market. Labels would contain vital details about a bottle, facts similar to the country of origin, variety of wine, importer, bottler, and many others. Given that the only source of details the consumer has on a selected wine before he has the ability to drink it, labels and bottle printing undoubtedly are a key area of wine-making.

Bottle printing is currently the most liked technique of labeling. With advances in science and technology, there is now many different modern strategies of labeling accessible to wine producers. Considering the environmental impact of consumer goods now being of great significance, many wine producers are shunning paper labels and looking towards paperless wine printing techniques.

Many companies now are presenting labeling methods that not only forego paper but additionally provide a classy option to label a bottle of wine. First among these new methods is screen printing bottles, wherein the label is fundamentally baked on top of the glass. This system was only readily available for premium products in the past, but as a result of lowered production costs, screen printing is now a viable option even for independent wine makers with stringent budgets.

A different type of modern wine printing strategy is glass etching. This is essentially the manual etching and labeling of a bottle of wine. It is a delicate procedure that provides for a bottle an extremely distinguished look as well as a lasting impression. Another manual form of labeling could be the positioning of decals onto a bottle. Modern decals suited for wine bottles tend to be manufactured with lead-free inks, and may also be individually hand-applied and baked on top of the outside of the bottle.

Whatever form of grape or irrespective of where a wine emanates from, the label on a bottle of wine ought to go a long way when it comes to how successful it is really sold and consumed on the market today. Winemakers should capitalize on the plethora of labeling techniques and procedures at hand.

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