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Notepads are used by everyone. Here are a few

by:Sycda     2020-09-05

1) Think of the particular notepad you will be using

Do you need notepads for simple writing like writing down notes in a jiffy because it was just being dictated to you or do you need a notepad that acts like a receipt or a form for your business? When you have thought of this, it is likely that you already have a general idea on what it looks like or what you will be putting inside it. If you have several forms in mind it may be wise to consolidate and check if you could just put the data requests in one form.

2) Volume of prints

You have probably thought of the people who will be using your forms or people to give the small notepads away to, if you have then it will be very easy for you to think of how much you need to print. Make sure you add in a little extra just incase you may need to a few more.

3) Text

If you are making forms, list down all the data you require like name, address, contact information, email address etc. it is best to final this list first before placing them on the actual layout so you do not double any data requirement. Always try to keep the forms easy to understand so that the people filling it in will not have a hard time understanding it.

Should you decide to create simple notepads, try to keep the text to a minimum like your company name only, contact information and website. It is best to keep everything simple so that the person using the notepad will still have ample space to put in her notes.

4) Map out Text, pictures and lines

With the text put together, designing will not be much of a problem since you have 50 percent of what you need to create the pad. Just make a simple drawing where you want to place each text and remember to tell the printers how far you want the lines near the edges.

5) Colors

If you are using forms it may be best to stick with one particular color so that it would be easy for the people who fill in the forms to understand and look at, however if you want to highlight a particular box you can either strengthen the fonts and lines by using bold or you can use a different color that attracts people to notice it. Should you be using it for several forms, monochrome is still the best way to go.

6) Is carbon necessary needed because you require several copies?

If this is a definite necessity then ask the printers if they can include NCR in your papers. NCR is also called No Carbon Required paper, it is like carbon paper but is already placed underneath every sheet. This particular technology can commonly be seen in deposit slips or forms.

7) Pick a good printer with cheap rates

Look for a good printer. The printer you pick must be highly reliable and understanding. Their service must be highly outstanding and quality prints must be impeccably clean.

Notepad printing is fun to do specially if you take time crafting it. Remember to give away your notepads with your contact information on it if you are using it to advertise.

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