Pre-printed thermal paper roll

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by:Sycda     2020-09-06

- Bar Code Scanner. Make use of a good bar code scanner. Scanning the items through a bar code scanner is much easier and faster compared to typing the item's SKU number. Bar code scanner reduces inventory and pricing errors like double entry of items. The error rate with regard to human data entry in the device is very diminutive. On the other hand, some bar code scanners do not detect item's codes because they have to be positioned in a specific direction. Bar code scanners that are 'omni-directional' allow checking of items regardless of how the bar code is placed. An omni-directional bar code scanner also helps in securing items from damage or breakage especially in liquor stores.

- Credit Card Processing. Credit card verification should only take mere seconds. Otherwise, if your credit card technology is very slow, you have to upgrade your POS software or check for Internet access.

- Touchscreens. Use touchscreens. Touchscreens are better than using the mouse and keyboard. Touchscreens have been widely used by many retailer stores nowadays such as in liquor stores and convenience stores. It is very simple to use and speeds up check outs. It saves time, giving satisfied customer service.

- Printer Receipts. Take a look at your receipt printers. Get rid of frequent changing of paper rolls. It is quite frustrating and unsatisfying when customers keep waiting for their check outs. Get a good-working printer. Avoid purchasing cheap hardwares and softwares as these may end you disappointed; the point of sales easily break down and a long-drawn-out for customers.

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