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Planning to give old fashioned sweets as gifts

by:Sycda     2020-10-04

The easiest way to package your old-fashioned sweets would be to put it in a box - but mind you, it should not just be any type of box. It is already easy to just buy a box to put your traditional sweets in so you might as well exert some effort in trying to prettify up the box. Choose a theme to work with. If you are gifting your boss, make it classy with a dark brown box and a black or gold ribbon to keep things simple but elegant. If you are gifting your grandmother, make it homey with plenty of lace ribbons and perhaps colored cupcake liners for each individual sweet.

You can also place the old fashioned sweets in a circular cardboard (lined with wax paper) then covered in tulle, sort of like a gift package. Choose tulle in the gift recipient's favourite color then tie the ends with silver cords. You can also add an additional gift aside from the traditional sweets by wrapping a handmade friendship bracelet around the silver twist tie cord so it can be used later on. Cut up a piece of cardboard then add a handwritten note for the recipient, punch a hole into it then tie it up along with the cord. It is a simple but cute and thoughtful way to say you care.

If you want to get even more creative about your old fashioned sweets gift, you can place them in tiny muffin liners nestled in the middle of each egg holder of a clean egg carton. This gift of traditional sweets resembles that of an Easter treat, which is exactly what it is! You can choose to add padding or shaved confetti in between so the sweets will not roll around. The recipient will be so delighted to get a gift like this, creatively packaged with delicious mini surprises found inside! For extra pizzazz, glue tiny Easter icons on the covering for an extra festive look to match!

Planning cool ways to make your candy gift look all the more fabulous is easy and the best part is that you will realize how simple the gift ideas are. You do not need to spend hours poring over the packaging design because all it takes is a bit of cut and snip here and there with materials that you might already have or can be easily bought at the store. What is very important is you spend effort in making it look more beautiful because it shows the gift recipient you can enough to give him or her a gift that has been made with a personalized touch out of love and care!

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