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Polyvinyl chloride or PVC rolls in the form of

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The thermal door curtains are well designed to ensure the safety and well being of the employees working in a production unit or warehouse. They have a good visibility factor and allow for passage of light to eliminate the risk of workers hurting themselves while moving towards the other side. This also prevents sudden damage to products kept behind the curtain. Atop their temperature regulation quality, the PVC curtains also have the efficiency to control the entry of dust, dirt and insects, thereby preventing contamination of products. The benefits of PVC thermal door curtains do not stop here. They are good regulators of noise too. By installing these insulated door curtains, you can easily prevent excessive noise from disturbing the peace of an area. This is why they are very useful in providing a fairly comfortable area to factory employees who work with loud machines around.

Thanks to their special properties and regulating mechanism, you can use thermal door curtains in:

Manufacturing Plants

Food Service Facilities

Refrigerated Delivery Trucks

Warehouse Environment



Use of Polyvinyl chloride curtains is the simplest and most cost effective way to:

Reduce wind and weather effects on your operations

Keep out birds, bugs and flies

Check cross-contamination between production zones

Provide adequate seal against dust intrusion

Temperature control is no doubt, the most well known use of PVC curtains. Instead of spending huge amounts for maintaining required temperature in your premises, you can simply use a PVC curtain to prevent the loss of temperature.

PVC Curtains is an online store, supplying quality thermal products for industrial as well as domestic uses. The PVC rolls are cut in various sizes to suit a wide range of doors and windows. A reduction in energy bills is easy to attain with the well designed thermal lined curtains from:

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