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by:Sycda     2020-09-04

POS referred as 'point of sale' or sometimes referred as 'point of purchase'. In other terms it is equivalent to electronic cash register which in turn provides us the receipt of product. The old versions of these software's had very limited function and communications capability as well. Make sure your transactions are convenient, easy and fast for both buyers and suppliers.

How the system works is: first of all it prints receipt, then the card transaction is processed and finally it keeps the track of customer's record.

Daily hundreds of thousands of rolls of paper receipt are consumed which definitely effect the environment some or the other way. So consumers are searching for the ways how to reduce these footprints. It will not only help the environment but will also help in cost reductions for the various stores. If practically we calculate it will be tones and tones of paper and that too in a day.

Calculating the basic argument:

700 Stores*10 lanes per store=7000 checkout lanes.

7000 checkout lanes*3 rolls of paper per day=21000 rolls of paper per day

21000*333 grams/roll=9 tones of paper approximately.

Various eco friendly techniques have arrived which reduces the paper consumption and reduces the pollution as well.

Things to look in for a POS system:

If you are in a business you should go with this type of system, as it will minimize your loses, increase productivity and profitability.

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