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Printed labels are typically singled out for business

by:Sycda     2020-09-17

Below are six unique ways in which label printing can be used in your marketing and advertising campaigns that will help build your company's or brand's awareness.

1. Use labels as posters. It is a little known fact, but most labels are printed on a large sheet of paper and then cut down to size. If you plan on printing posters that will need to hang on a surface that allows for adhesive to be attached without damaging the surface, a large label is a great solution. This will eliminate the need to apply tape or paste to the poster for it to be hung.

2. Use color labels as stickers. When shipping out products, include a label with your company's logo and contact info. People will often apply these to places that they and others see on a regular basis.

3. Use labels as business cards. Rather than giving someone a traditional business card, using a label as a business card is a unique way to encourage someone to apply your business card in a place that they can easily find it.

4. Use labels as temporary fixes for other printed items. For instance, if you have previously printed a catalog and have lowered prices since the catalog was printed, apply a label that encourages people to see the 'all new lower prices' online.

5. Use labels as save-the-date reminders. Rather than a simple postcard or greeting card, print your important date on a label. Most of the time, save-the-dates get put up on a refrigerator or other surface that allows the adhesive from a label to be easily removed.

6. Use labels with semi-permanent adhesive to go on surfaces that don't allow for permanent adhesive. For instance if you ship something with a glass surface, semi-permanent adhesive labels will allow you to advertise another product right on the area.

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