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Printers represent one of the important peripherals

by:Sycda     2020-10-05

Based on the way these printers are connected to other devices they are classified into two basic types. In the first of these types, the printer is connected to a single computer via a printer cable to enable it to print the data presented to it directly from the source. In the second type, the printer is connected to a number of computers which are in turn interconnected in a vast network. These printers are also referred to as network printers. Like other forms of printers they are used to prints results arising from any given printer that is present in the network.

Printers can also be classified into different types based on the way they print data. For example, impact printer is the one that uses metal pins to strike against the ribbon to generate a print on a given page. A dot-matrix printer is a good example for this type of printer. Non-impact printer on the other hand is much quieter and faster in its operation. Thermal printers are a good example for this category. These printers use the heat to produce prints on to papers that are receptive to heat. Portable calculators generally make use of such printers in their operation. Ink-jet printers also fall into this category.

Another way of classifying printers is based on toners they use for their operation. A laser printer for example, uses laser beam and powdered and dry ink to generate its prints. For generating higher quality print-outs at a faster rate these printers are generally used. They are mainly used in large corporate and office settings.

The color printers that are generally used in offices and houses these days are capable of producing not just monochrome print-outs but also multi-colored ones and in different formats. The increasing popularity of digital cameras in the market has meant photo printers are in demand more now than ever before. This is largely because these printers can be made available for the public that owns digital cameras.

The photo printers that we see in the market today make use of ink cartridges to ensure there is duplication of color ranges in digital camera's view finder. That's not all; these printers are very useful in producing high definition and realistic pictures. No wonder then these printer types are surging ahead in the market. While they can easily generate prints in 4'*6' sizes, they do not require computers in their operation. The rapid advancements in the technological arena have ensured there are multi-functional printers available too. As the name suggests, these printers are capable of performing functions like scanning and faxing in addition to their primary role of printing.

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