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Products may be tampered within different ways

by:Sycda     2020-09-19

Destructible vinyl is one of the types of labels commonly attached to products in order to make them tamper proof. Whenever someone tries to steal an object on which such a label is affixed , they can be easily pinpointed seeing as the labels are often very difficult to remove ,and in attempting to do so in a store, the thieves attract attention. On the other hand, indestructible vinyl is very common in hygiene, food and makeup products, and it is used to ensure that the goods remain sealed until when they are purchased.

Tamper proof products are security features by themselves in the sense that once you make your merchandise tamper proof, it becomes hard for someone to steal and resell those products. The stickers used are affixed using a strong and permanent adhesive and whenever anyone interferes with them, it becomes so obvious. The adhesives leave a residue behind and they may even damage the finishing of the product in the process. For tracking purposes, tamper proof labels may also be numbered and this helps business owners trace their goods even if someone manages to remove them from the store.

Products that are tampered with can cause major losses to a business and at the same time, they can also be a great risk to consumers. When counterfeits are sold off as real prescription drugs for instance, patient lives are put in real danger. Criminals who carry out these types of activities only aim to a make a killing from unsuspecting buyers and this is why companies also make every effort to implement measures to inhibit the tampering.

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