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The emergence of technology has encouraged society

by:Sycda     2020-08-31

There are many benefits to digital receipts, including the fact that digital receipts cannot be thrown away on accident or become lost. Even if the email is deleted, retailers and shoppers can easily retrieve the receipt. Shoppers may also access the receipts from any device, such as a laptop, cell phone, or tablet. This makes it simple for customers to return items to their respective stores. At the same time, retailers can track returns to ensure that customers are not committing fraud. Those who already use gadgets and have instant web access are not likely to feel bothered by the electronic receipts and will see this as an added service. Electronic receipts will also include personalized recommendations straight to your email account.

While there are benefits to electronic receipts, there are consequences many shoppers will become concerned with. Many consumers will despise the fact that retailers will have wider access to personal information to track shopping habits. The information will be used to make recommendations, essentially used as a marketing tool. Personalized offers are welcome to some shoppers, but others do not appreciate it. When credit card processing is involved, people become very picky about what kind of information is shared with corporations. Some shoppers just do not feel comfortable with any sort of intrusion, digital or otherwise. Credit card processing is a sensitive issue when paired with issues relating to private information online. For now, some shoppers will offer shoppers a choice. Those customers who are not comfortable with the electronic receipt may still receive a paper receipt instead. It is likely that retailers are waiting to see if the receipts catch on. Whether the choice will remain available in the future remains to be seen.

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