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The Importance of Label Quality

by:Sycda     2020-09-23

When a company hires someone to carry out their annual Pat Testing, they have a number of expectations before you even arrive at their premises. Not only do they expect you to do a professional job, but they also expect you to both sound and look professional. Provided that you meet both these expectations, there is one other factor that leaves a lasting impression with your customers all year round... your Pat Testing Labels.

That's right, the Pat Test Labels that you use are visible to your customer for the next 12 months on everything they use on a daily basis. Not only is it your customers who see your Pat Testing Labels but also their customers too! So your labels not only give a lasting impression of your work, but they also contribute to the impression given by your customer.

This impression contributes towards you being awarded repeat business and also plays a strong part in any recommendations you may get, so think carefully before you go and buy any old label you can get your hands on.

So now we have established that the Pat Test Labels that you use are serving two purposes:

What you should consider before buying your labels:

Ok, so now you are armed with a checklist to ensure you give your business the best possible impression after you have left your customer's premises. There are still a few simple tricks to keep up your sleeve.

Hints and tips for Pat Test Label application:

Hopefully by following all of the above steps and advice your customers should be delighted with your work and leave a good, solid professional image of your business. By sustaining repeat business and gaining more work through recommendations your business should grow and go from strength to strength.

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