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The new age packaging way is the Shrink labels

by:Sycda     2020-09-17

There is another advantage of using the Shrink labels for packing that is it has two components one you can have a flexo print done upto 5 colors or more and have the brand printed directly on the packaging material and it looks even more attractive. The second is when the product is packed where the material is wrapped over the top lid of the bottle sealing the product at the same time. The combination packing is provided with tamper evident seal. This saves on cost and speeds up the packing process.

The manufacturers who print the shrink label are called Heat shrink labeler and there are 3 methods used to print these labels namely Gravure printing, CI flexo and UV Flexo. All these print methods are cost effective and have their own advantages. It helps the packaging of the product look very attractive.

There are machines that are used to apply these printed labels on the product called Shrink labeler. The Shrink labeler is usable for setting labels on plastic, glass and PET dishes in different dimensions and forms. It adds both tamper evident seals and color labels to products of all kind of dimensions. This shrink labeler is ideal for general labeling requirements. The Shrink labeler can be set very easily within ten minutes for a different task. That is once the labels are applied it is very easy to add tamper evident label to the product. This process is so easy it requires a small adjustment to the flexible shrink label applicator. The speed depends on the height of the label, dimension of the dishes and its setting.

The major advantage of using the Shrink labeler is that it is cost effective. It saves on wastage of material. The Shrink labeler reduces the material cost by upto 80%.

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