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The self-adhesive vinyl wall sticker has been

by:Sycda     2020-09-11

A large number of firms dedicated to the cause of silhouette interior design plough their lonely furrow in the darker recesses of the internet to some success but beyond a couple of French operations, a stronghold of popular support for vinyl wall stickers, there is little exposure on the high street. Places where one might expect to find such an imaginative interior design marvel like DIY superstores, interior design boutiques, fancy homewares and gift shops don't seem to stock them and so wall stickers remain a marginal product on the lunatic fringe.

It is a shame that wall stickers should remain an exclusive product known only to a select band of interior designers and those dedicated lucky few that have stumbled across them in their search for interior nirvana. When compared to their chief competitor in the decorating stakes; wallpaper, the advantages of this wonder product are immediately apparent.

I could go on. I will! Wall stickers make an enormous dramatic impact for the money and unlike wallpaper they let you change your mind on a whim; had enough of the tree sticker? Un-peel it (see, it hasn't hurt the paint) and stick up the stags head and console table. Brilliant! And don't think it has to be black, most stickers from most companies are available in a wide range of colours.

Whoever made the imaginative leap from signwriting on double glazing and drain clearing vans (it's the same stuff) to chandeliers and flocks of birds in your living room should receive whatever the interior designing equivalent to the Nobel prize is. Perhaps they're at home now sitting on the sofa in their rollneck, puffing on a pipe (or maybe it's a man) admiring their pioneering work, a single rose perhaps, still attached firmly to the wall and looking as good now as it did when first stuck in 1974. Let's raise a glass or nine to that pioneer and tell the whole world about those wall stickers and see if they pay attention this time.

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