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The world is rather conscious about the impact

by:Sycda     2020-09-24

How to change the way an event business is organized with environmental issues in mind

Holding an event means it involves printing, travelling, certain aspects of construction, the use of sometimes toxic materials such as glues and solvents as well as foodstuff. As events are held in a big way, the quantity on use of these products over time (since there are so many events held every year) has a huge impact on the environment and ecological aspects. Going 'green' on the way business is conducted is a way to display social and corporate responsibility towards the world we live in. Being responsible in green planning should include care in the use of energy and natural products, recycling and using environmental friendly products just to start with.

Going 'green' may not be a main stream way of doing business at the moment but it is fast catching on and the awareness of consumers on the environmental impact will soon mandate that it be a way to conduct business in the future. Incorporating a 'green' issue into the event planning process such as requesting for recycled products and environmentally friendly products and services would be a good way to start.

Some of the things to incorporate into an event that will help save the environment

It is not impossible to try and make an event go 'green' and this can be a highlight to the publicity of the event company as well. Even small changes in the way you run an event can have a huge impact on the environment. Here are some ideas that you could incorporate into the way you do business with the environment in mind.

Be one of the first to set environmental standards within your organization and make it an important issue to your staff, and especially suppliers. You can proclaim this standard to your participants and clients. One way to do this is to reduce the use of paper, since paper production means cutting down trees for the pulp to produce paper. An alternative to paper will be via electronic means and this includes electronic technology such as anevent management systemthat you can use effectively to broadcast your plans and instructions to co-workers, send invitations to participants and keep in contact with your clients. An event management solution can help you save tons of paper waste!

Use the 3Rs - reuse, recycle and reduce. When you hold an event, regardless of an event Malaysia organization or and event company from abroad the impact on our environment is the same! Whenever you are holding an event, a simple way to implement this is to place the recycle bins in strategic areas to collect items such as paper, plastic, metal and other waste. Clearly label these bins; it will also save the waste disposal lots of time and manpower to sort them out later. These items can be recycled and reused later on and reduce the impact of having to produce more from natural resources.

Use earth-friendly products in your production and setups. This means solvents and products that contain no CFC which is harmful to the ozone layers, try to hold events in areas that are easily accessible by public transport such as railcars, the underground trains to encourage the people to use these facilities rather than drive. This is most effective when it is a mass event for a product launch which can be held I shopping areas or hotels located within a good public transport system.

Doing your part to keep the environment healthy by being conscious about the way you conduct your event organizing is the bestevent solutionthat can be appreciated in the long term and every little helps which in the end if everyone were to participate, it will eventually be a big impact in the world! You may not exactly be the pioneer in this aspect but to publicize your intentions of going 'green' is also a great publicity point which reflects on your organization's green responsibility.

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