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by:Sycda     2020-09-29

At CS labels they have an extensive and continuously upgraded infrastructure, facilities and technology that aim to produce only the best of the best digital printed labels at the best possible price. The Xeikon 3000 digital press is one new digital label printing machine that offers the very best. This equipment is a label printer's joy as it can easily run printed label orders of various sizes, at affordable costs and is guaranteed to keep with the ecological principles. Their staff are also trained to follow environmental ethics while executing any printed label orders.

This Xeikon 3000 is equipment used for digital printed labels by label printers is not just great for CS Labels but is also great for their customers. It reduces costs compared with costly films and plates for traditional label printers. The digital label printing equipment has enhanced dry toners as opposed to solvents, meaning it is much less damaging to the environment. The equipment also reduces wastage of raw materials and print, and it becomes a very eco-friendly press. The Xeikon 3000 offers an apt option of printed labels or adhesive labels that can be offered at bespoke orders, small runs and for customised run orders. With so much control on input and output this press allows for a lot of personalised attention to client's requirements along with ensuring the business or rather corporate social ethics are being effectively practiced be it through individuals working at CS Labels, or through their equipment that helps further their cause with the environment safety.

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