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There is no doubt that school and college life

by:Sycda     2020-09-15

Here is one of the techniques that I have learned from my friend and it was pretty effective in my school days, it is known as clean bottle technique. For that, you have to get a transparent bottle with its label on, you need to take the label off, write the notes on the inside part of that label (usually white in color) and stick it back on the bottle. Carry the bottle in the examination hall as teachers do not forbid you to drink water during tests or exams. Now, as the bottle gets empty, your notes written on the label will start to get visible and you can copy them down easily. It might have become a bit known method now, but, if you do it cleverly, it is will still work.

The next method that I am going to discuss here requires some reasonable acting skills. Everybody in their school days does act well. During the exam you need to give an immensely frustrated look. Pull your hairs; put your head on the desk, show as you cannot remember what you had learned. Afterwards, keep your hand on your head in such a manner that it hides your one eye. Steer the ground blankly with the other eye and keep peeking in the answer sheet of the student sitting next to you through the gap of your fingers. This technique is effective and does not make you suspect to the invigilator.

Another common, but, useful method to cheat in exams is to write on the tissue and carry it to the examination hall. You need to write the intended notes on a tissue paper use it for your advantage. This technique will only work where you are allowed to take handkerchief and tissue with you in the examination hall, otherwise, some school provides you tissues.

It was school life where there were negligible hazards of getting your work copied. However, in the professional life, you need to make sure that no one copies your word, for the cause, you need to use software that can provide Copy Protection to your work. The above mentioned were some of the tried and tested methods. But, cheating in exams or tests is good for just a small span of time; it is really a poor practice and should not be encouraged. To have a bright future, you need to learn properly to pass the exams rather than to cheat for better results.

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