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They are great industrial grade printers for all

by:Sycda     2020-10-03

The T5204 is extremely reliable 4' wide barcode printer and regularly prints at 203 dpi as per compliance requirements posed for labeling. It accommodates higher density barcodes and graphics and is laced with snap-in print-heads. The T5204 provides verification of barcodes with the help of ODV technology when creating labels. The T5204 has the capability to link barcode and EPC data in the same platform which makes it easy for storage, retrieval, audits and synchronization of data.

The printer is blessed with a 32-bit processor which facilitates extremely fast processing and throughput performance. It also boasts of 32MB SDRAM memory along with 8MB Flash with the storage capability of fonts and images. The printer ribbon is of 625m which reduces downtime. It also has a smart Ready design for the migration of future RFID implementations. Different programming language support as set for different companies and which includes big-shot companies like Zebra, Datamax and Intermec. XML forms printed in lieu of embedded industry standard forms. The printer is controlled by Printronix Extensible Markup Language (PXML) interface which is a good for overall real-time printer management and control.

Some of the features of Printronix T5204 Thermal Barcode Printers:

A scalable solution and a Software upgradeable architecture with latest features and trends in barcode printing.

Widest range of innovative emulations for different thermal bar code printer brands

New high-performance driver embedded within for great throughput

Snap-in print head for better print heads with a variety of resolutions and printing

RFID field upgradeable bar code printing support

Unique dual motor ribbon system

Precise printer alignment for great bar code quality

Operates in environments with airborne particulate matter without ruining print media

Easy cleaning and less downtime

Snap print-in heads for easy installation

Field-upgradable XML forms based in industry standards

PXML interface for real-time printer management

Unparalleled integration with third party equipment which might include sensors and conveyor controls and many more add-ons

Better printer ribbon capacity

Online Data Validation (ODV) for a barcode compliant solution

The Printronix T5000 is a rare industrial grade barcode thermal printer which makes the whole system work efficiently and systematically.

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