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by:Sycda     2020-10-01

There are three types of blank barcode labels that you can choose from.

' Aluminum-type Barcode Labels. This is a durable barcode label type. The surface image lasts longer even after a harsh weather. It can last tear, wear, cold and heat. It can also withstand chemicals.

' Polyester-type Barcode Label. This type of label uses an adhesive bonding that is industrial and permanent, and known to be dependable. It has an imbedded image that is placed in the material's underside that is used, which is plastic.

' Ceramic Barcode Label. This known to be the most durable among the types of the barcode labels. It has a base that is a stainless steel made-up, and it is ceramic-coated. This type of labels is known to withstand high temperatures and even strong acids.

And these blank barcode labels are also divided into subdivisions.

' Paper-type label that is resin-coated. These labels are common in work places. They are coated with resin for their durability to enhance.

' Paper-type labels. This type of barcode label is economical and used for document tracking.

' Retro-reflective labels. This type of labels is hung on a ceiling or a wall. This is made up of either plastic or metal, 0which is rigid. They give the best functionality when it comes to scanners that are long-range.

' Floor labels. They are ideal for floors that are industrial. They are made up of steel and they are urethane-coated. They are known to withstand heavy traffic.

These barcodes uses two techniques for the encoding of information on them. First, they use the line bars technique. It uses special software that converts the numbers that are being input into series of vertical lines that has different thickness. The next technique is the two-dimensional kind of encoding. The number or information is converted into a sequence of dots with different thickness inside a frame, whether it is square or rectangle.

Blank barcode labels are tags that have information that are encoded. They are used by businesses and enterprises to make inventories of their goods that have a large number. They are made up of different materials that can withstand any circumstances, whether it is a bad weather, chemicals or abrasion. And if you need to have an inventory of your business, this is definitely what you needed.

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