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by:Sycda     2020-09-17

Our products include spray adhesives, glue sticks and guns, dry spray lubricant, fabric protector, spray cleaners and removers, aerosol sealants and many others. These products come from a popular brand like V and S, Binks, Bostik and DAN TACK. These aerosol products are indeed very useful in accomplishing our home and workplace tasks.

One of the site's best-selling products is the Super Spray Adhesive, which costs $10.10. This spray is perfect for arts and crafts projects, screen-printing of T-shirts, affixing templates or forms, scrapbooking, permanent bonding of labels and graphics, and affixing materials during stitching or embroidery. Other popular spray adhesives are those developed for the automotive trim and industrial applications. These have exceptionally high strength and high heat resistance. Some of these products are the DAN TRACK 2028 Super Contact Spray Adhesive which is sold at $14.55 and the Spray Trim Adhesive, which is at $13.25.

We also have the spray adhesives that work well on many surfaces. They are perfect for lightweight material application needs and are indeed a good choice for any school project. These multipurpose spray adhesives may be used for permanent and non-permanent bonds. These spray adhesives and super spray adhesives are the #185 and #1077, which are sold at $9.50 and $10.10 respectively.

In dealing with spray adhesives, there are several considerations that should be made. Using these products can be quite a tricky mess, so the site recommends some helpful tips and techniques that will give you the cleanest and most satisfying output you must have. Upon using the spray adhesive, you should be in a well-ventilated area and make sure that the surfaces are free from dirt, moisture or grease. Before using the spray, you should shake the bottle very well, and if possible, cover the area that will not be applied so that you can have an easier cleanup.

In applying, hold the can in an upright position of about 6-8 inches away from the surface and try to test spray patterns in an area far from the project surfaces. After which, you can start spraying in a light, even coat. To avoid clogged nozzles after use, you should tip the can upside down and spray until adhesive does not come out anymore.

In purchasing these spray adhesives and other aerosol products, we have several discounts and promos for those who buy in bulk. You can avail of a 35% discount when you purchase 3 cans, a 40% off for 6 cans, 45% for 9 cans and 50% off for the 12 cans in any combination.

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