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Victorinox Slim

by:Sycda     2020-08-30

This ingenious device looks like a slim pocket knife from the outside. But when the tools are pulled out you see something that is not normally associated with a pocket knife. Along with the knife blade, nail file and scissors is a thin USB stick that unfolds so you can use it as a thumb drive. These sticks come in sizes up to 64 GB.

This device is waterproof and shock resistant and comes in many different colors. If you travel a lot by plane then you can get this without the blade, 'flight friendly' version to make it easier to get through security.

Victorinox Slim Duo

The Slim Duo is basically the same thing as the Slim but for one difference, it has 2 USB drives inside and also has double the maximum capacity of up to 128GB.

Victorinox Secure SSD

To take this portable storage device a little farther or a lot farther, Victorinox has introduced an SSD device, (Solid State Drive) that is the smallest 256GB storage device available. These drives are encrypted and have a very small display on the top of the device. It is called an LCD e-ink display or also called an e-paper display. It has a 96 x 48 pixel size and it is monochrome. This allows you to personalize the text on the display and show the available amount of memory left. It also has dynamic power management with a 32 bit high speed processor as well as eSata connectivity.

There is the capability of plugging this into an eSata II port that will give it native internal SSD speeds as the normal USB data transfer is a bit slow.

After all of this you still get a knife blade, nail file and screwdriver combo that you might need at some point. This device is also fight friendly which means no knife blade to slow you down at airport security. You will also be able to get this in 64 and 128 GB versions.

Presentation Master - Victorinox Secure

These new high performance data storage devices offer up to 32GB of capacity but also have some serious data encryption. All of your data is protected by a fingerprint scanner on the USB blade itself. On top of all of these characteristics the presentation model also includes a Bluetooth remote for your PC/Laptop and has a built in laser pointer. This tool is great for making presentations and keeping your data safe. Even with all of this you still get the knife blade, nail file, screwdriver and the scissors.

Secure Devices

It is claimed by Victorinox that its secure devices are the most secure. The Secure features a fingerprint scanner that also has a thermal detection so that if the finger is not attached to the user it will not work and allow access. They also claim to have a self destruct mechanism that if the memory stick case is forced opened it will trigger a destruct feature that will burn the CPU and memory chip.

The Secure uses Standard 256 advanced encryption to protect all of your data as well as it's own security chip. Victorinox offered a team of professional hackers $150,000 if they could get past the Secure's security features but the money went unclaimed.

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